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Lawrence D Robinson – Mindful Thinking.

Mindful Thinking

Welcome to Mindful Thinking.

I have created this website for all of you: Friends, family, clients, and those of you who have found me through others or by accident. I want this site to be a forum for as many topics as I can come up with or perhaps ones that you want more insight into. This is my gift to all of you. I have had a great life, not many people can say that they love their work and that money is just a reward for doing it.


Mindful Thinking


I especially want you to comment on those postings that you can identify with as your input is so valuable to everyone. Without your comments others can feel isolated and that is truly not the case. We all share so much of the same feelings and situations. Let’s show each other that no one is alone out there. They have you and me. So please open yourself to your journey and let me guide the way.

Lawrence D Robinson


Mindful Thinking - Nature


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