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Welcome to Mindful Thinking.

Thank you for coming here. This site is here to teach you  things about yourself that you need to look at. It  helps people find there “soul”. It will at times have soul nourishing posts and true to life situations that you can grow from.Read these posts many times for they will continue to give you roads to go down in order to better yourself. You will find that we are all similar, for all of us, from where ever we come from carry the same  feelings. We experience the same kind of life situations that so many others have. We are all joined together in this life but we forget that this is true.Let this site help you to find this again. Enjoy it and please leave comments,Mindful Thinking would be happy to answer them.

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Finding that peace within is your life’s journey. Never be afraid of searching for it. There is pain in growing it is called ‘growing pains.” It is the kind of pain we need in order to understand how to let go of beliefs that do not allow us to grow.


“Mirror Mirror Reflections of Self/365 day life journal”



This is a book for all of you. It was  written with you in mind, it is a great book for you to grow into the person you really are. It talks directly to you ; it hides nothing from you. Can you handle the truth about yourself, can you really begin another part of your journey? You may obtain Mirror Mirror  from this site just hit the link below and you can read a page of it. It is a book that will always be there for you no matter what circumstances you are dealing with. It will always tell you the truth.

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Mirror, Mirror: Reflections of Self—365-Day Life Journal is a journey for each of you toward emotional growth. It gives you an opportunity to look more closely into the issues that we all face in life. After each lesson you will find a question to answer. You may work on these lessons alone or with a partner. USE IT! You will be amazed by the way the post can read your day!