What does it mean for us to really be alone; not just feel alone but physically have no one there for us, just ourselves? There is so much fear and pain that first comes through for we are all so accustomed to having people or at least one other person around us, or either through the Internet or cellphones that the single thought that there is no one there can be so frightening. But in reality, we must learn how to do this, be alone.We must sit with ourselves and go through all the ghosts that haunt us in our daily lives that we run from, that we find ways in which to avoid facing who we are and learn how to just be with ourselves.

At first, it is very difficult for our minds want to flood us with all sorts of negative feelings that we have hidden inside of ourselves, but they can calm down when we realize that they are only thoughts and fears of the past or the future and what had or will happen to us. Just sitting and forcing ourselves to be in the present, allows us to open to something greater than ourselves.

This is the place that when we stay in the present allows us to talk to God. It is our special time with Him for when we can ask questions, and if we really are focusing on our hearts we will hear God’s answers to our questions. They are beautiful moments but we must be open to listening. We are never denied the truth!

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