Are we true to ourselves?

Why is it so difficult for us to honest with ourselves about who we are in life? How many of us are constantly creating stories that do not match our realities? It seems as if our images take on a very different appearance than our true selves really are. When we are hiding because we fear that we are not good enough, we create an image that we can not possibly live up to. We must begin to face the truth about ourselves before we are exposed as a fraud in life. Is this image for ourselves or is it to fool others into thinking that we are people that we are not?

Being true to ourselves allows us to let others become closer to us and form bonds of intimacy that are real. When we are hiding we must avoid intimacies that would threaten our exposure as fake in life. How lonely does this leave us and how isolated from society do we become?

When we are not true to ourselves, we have to create emotional walls that do not let others into our secrets about what is real for us. How lonely does this make us in life? Learning to face our ”true” selves is painful when we have no confidence that we can live up to our images that we project. But we must face our fears in order to improve our images or else we remain “fake” for the entirety of our lives. We must take the risk that people will care about our “real” selves rather than what we have chosen to expose to them in order to be accepted. How can we ever feel this acceptance if we are not real!

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