Being Grateful

Why is it that we can be so ungrateful for what we have in our lives? Do we give thanks every day for what we have achieved rather than looking at what we have not accomplished? So often we are only looking at what has gone wrong with our lives bathed in negativity and feeling like failures rather than to appreciate what we have done right.

We might not even acknowledge what we have done right because we have been too busy complaining or putting ourselves down for what we have not done. We need to stop and breathe deeply before we begin to criticise ourselves and see what we have brought into our lives that is positive. When we start off our day only seeing what we have not done, it pulls positive energy away from our lives leaving us feeling empty and not good enough.

Being grateful for our lives brings light into our lives enabling us to push forward in a positive way creating a sense of believing we can have success, rather than fearing we will not achieve it!


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