“I think I have always wanted to write, not because I believe that I am such a great writer but because I had something that I thought you would want to hear. I wanted to give you an understanding of how I see life through all the years that I have worked with people.

College, graduate school did not give me much except a few degrees, but you gave me experience and for that I cannot begin to tell how valuable that is. I believe that I became a spiritual person when I prayed to God when i was a young child. I never asked for anything except guidance and I received it.

I go off my path at times but I am beginning to understand how to really get back on it. Some of my writings will show you that. Everything that I write I have experienced so you will get to know a lot about me if you really read these. My book “Mirror Mirror Reflections of Self/365 day life journal will speak to you. It still speaks to me and I wrote it.”

-Lawrence D Robinson