…”I keep thinking that I need to ask God to forgive me for my wrong doings. But God does not judge me. I judge me. God does not punish me, I punish myself. God loves me, I do not love myself. If I believe in an all accepting, loving God, why would I think that God determines what punishment I …

My Stubborness

“Until I take responsibility for my own stubbornness and surrender my will to God, my life does not move. I can blame everyone else for my misfortune, yet, nothing changes. Doesn’t this tell me something? Until I reach inside my heart, until I understand my own humanness,nothing changes!”

Facing Fear

“We are meant to face our fears in life. When we hide from them, they only become living nightmares that repeat themselves again and again. Therefore we never stop being the main character in a play that has no ending.Our pain goes on for our lifetime!”

Know God

“Because God gave us independence and because we misused it, we became estranged from Him. Until you know God, until you have heard His voice, no matter what spiritual path you are following, you have not attained real communion with Him.” Paramahansa Yogananda


….”Do not despair if you fail at an attempt to ease your pain. Perhaps you have not really accepted what your role has been in the creation of it. Once you can see beyond it and can understand why it is there, then and only then can you begin to take control of it. …,. Maybe this is one of …


….”The pain we experience in life is there for a reason; it is not there by chance. We need to learn from it. Do not try and block it out. Do not try and push it away. Face it head on and learn about it and why it is there. It is on your journey. …. If you try to …

The Truth!

….Stop for a moment, right now, and think about what you did not accomplish today that you wanted to get done. Ask yourself:”Why didn’t I do it?” How many excuses did you come up with? How often do you do this? ….I bet you didn’t tell yourself the truth: You really just didn’t want to do it! There simply is …