Your Work

….” It does not go away just because you want it to. Why would it? You will always be dealing with the main issue that you came to this life with. ….Yes, you can rid yourself of the masks that you cover it with, all sorts of addictions and false images,but the real underlying cause does not go away; it …

Other People

….”When we are only thinking about where WE are in life, no thoughts of those around us, no real feelings about how others suffer, we are nowhere, nobody. Be somewhere in your life that makes you real. Feel others!” Mindful Thinking

Moving Too Fast

….”When you do not stop to question your thoughts or actions you fail to “fine tune”(do the best you can) the quality of your life. Slow down and stop looking at the end result, but focus on how you get there.” Mindful Thinking


” We are who we are meant to be. The circumstances and issues that we face are supposed to be in our life.There are no chance happenings, no mistakes in life, only choices that we make that determine our destiny.” Mindful Thinking

Your Life!

A simple but important fact is we must learn that life is what we make of it, not what others believe we should do with it. It is OUR life not theirs. They might have the best intentions in the world for us but they are their’s not ours.” Mindful Thinking


” If you cannot give from your heart without expectation, why are you giving at all?” Is it always just about you? When you give from your heart and not from your mind, you become a genuine person. Who is that other one?”


It is humility that makes men into angels. It was pride that changed angels into devils.” Mindful Thinking