The Boogeyman

Remember when you were a child and stayed up all night, scared out of your mind that there was something lurking around in your closet or hiding under your bed? When we are children and we have angry hateful feelings, they can take on the form of a monster. This is the Boogeyman. In a child’s subconscious is the fear that someone heard “I hate you Mom, I wish you were dead”. Well guess what! The Boogeyman heard it and now he is after you.

If I only knew!

“If there is a habit or quality in your mate, that rouses unlovely traits in your disposition you should realize the purpose of this circumstance to bring to the surface those poisons hidden within you so that you might eliminate them and thus purify your nature.”
– Paramahansa Yogananda

Why can’t I forgive you?

“Have you ever thought what forgiveness means? You , your own self, your own personality, needs your forgiveness. Your spirit is divine, but until you have over come, your personality remains human and needs the forgiveness of your spirit. As you forgive your personality, so also will you forgive your brother man for all his seeming errors. If you will train yourself to think in terms of love and forgiveness every moment of your life, a most beautiful healing will take place in you.” -White Eagle

“Do you love me?” I want to be wanted!

Are you desperate to be married, to experience “the American Dream”? Why is it that the man that you have your heart set on does not keep his interest high after the honeymoon period of a relationship is over?

Selfishness in marriage

“When two selfish people become formally united in marriage they still will be separated mentally as long as each of them is walled in by self love. Locked in prison cells of selfishness, they never achieve happiness and harmony together. In loving, not in being loved, lies the key that will unlock the doors of their hearts and bring them wedded happiness. Self love is too confining. When couples learn to expand their sympathies and give up limiting themselves … whether individually or with their family, they transform their relationship and the emotional disharmony that selfishness has produced into a relationship of DIVINE LOVE” – Paramahansa Yogananda

Pushing buttons

Why is it that we are always setting each other off as if our partner believes we “intended to?” How often were your words met with extreme defensiveness rather than the understanding you were looking for? I believe both males and females suffer from this disease.