The Breath, a truly an important tool for our Spirit. So often we do not take even a quick moment to take in a deep breath. The Breath is the energy of our life, it gives us strength when we need it.
What happens when we do not take our breath every day, we then stop thinking and feeling. We become so overloaded with ourselves that we forget to breathe.
Without our breath working with us, we hold on to so much pain and suffering but we can breathe to free the soul for the moment. Just for the moment! But within that short breathe we can let go of the intensity of our pain. This is what breathing does, it allows us to stop for a split second and find a little sense of balance. Breathing gives us the energy to face our lives. We might think it nonsense at first but try taking five deep breaths upon waking in the morning. Do it every day and we will find more peace within us.

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