The problem with Change in our lives that it takes much longer than we thought it would. There are so many times that we find ourselves repeating the same behaviors that we did before we promised ourselves and others that we would “change. Why didn’t it happen, why did we have to go through so much pain before we understood what change meant? It is only through the repetitions of our negative behaviors that we begin to understand that we must go through various stages of pain and growth before we reach change. Each time hearing it, getting a little bit closer to seeing and understanding the truth allows us to relax and begin to move forward emotionally and physically towards something better than what we were experiencing.

We must not despair when we feel that change is not happening fast enough for the process can take quite a while before we are ready to move on to the next step. Rushing will only set us back not move us forward. Let us not be tricked into thinking that change is something that we can wake up to one morning and believe that because we want it, change will happen without any work or effort!

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