Checking Our Journey

It is so important that we stop every so often and see where we are on our life’s journey. So many times we take everything for granted that we miss the little subtle things that show us how we are doing. We may think that nothing has changed in our lives but that is where we are so mistaken. The smallest of changes are actually just as important as the larger ones that are truly visible to ourselves. Sometimes without the small changes, we cannot find the bigger ones that we need to identify as we go down our life path. We can feel stuck and empty of any energy to make changes that will help us to grow,

There are times that we deviate from our path and our destiny changes for a moment but the goal is to find our rightful path again so growth may continue. If we do not check in with ourselves, we cannot see where our lives are headed. We must be diligent in examining our path and give ourselves positive feedback that we are on the right track for growth. There will be times that when we do look we will see that we have been stuck repeating the same issue many times until we discover the “right” path to travel. We will find it if we stay committed to wanting the best for our journey, not settling for anything that just feels okay but knowing that we are doing our best to find our way in life!



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