Committing To Self

Why does it seem so much easier to commit to others, do for others, be there for others, yet we cannot be there for ourselves? Some of us have no idea of what that really means for we neglect how we feel constantly and then that becomes our way of life, to avoid ourselves without even thinking that is what we are doing. It is why addictive behaviors can so easily take control of us for we are always running away from who we believe we are and wanting to self-medicate ourselves from the truth.

Committing to ourselves means that we WILL look at who we are even if it creates great anxiety inside of us. We will handle the anxious feelings of uncovering our true self and want to commit to who we are for we know that if we put other peoples’ feelings before we identify how we feel, we will end up with resentments which we alone caused by not thinking about what was true for us. When we don’t, we betray others will our fake support and end up being angry without real cause.

Committing to ourselves means that we will be fair and honest with others regardless if they are angry with us for our feelings. We will commit to ourselves to always tell the truth!

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