devil demon s portraitHow dark is dark for us? When we feel that ugliness overtake us what happens? Do we fight it off and understand that it is the negative side of us or do we give in to it and become someone we would not want to know?

We all have these feelings at times, whether they come from unresolved anger that we stuffed down inside us or they are just thoughts of the future that scares us.We can feel that they are out of our control and we cannot let go them.

They ruin our day and sometimes they can last for weeks once they get inside of us.These feelings come from the darker side of our mind. The mind is not our friend. When have our minds ever told us something positive about ourselves?

In order to fight these feelings, we must first recognize that they are not true feelings but ones that are created by our minds. They go on and on inside of us and they are relentless in making our mind race filled with anger and anxieties.

We actually have to “stop” these feelings from taking root inside of us. Stop it! is the words we use. Yes, it might sound strange to do this but we must retain control over our mind or it will continue on and on until we are “sick’ with the feelings. They will distort any positive feelings that we have to try and convince us that we are hopeless and filled with despair, but it is only a trick that our minds play on us. 

We must be strong enough to start to realize that unless we are in control of our minds we will always end up in the negativities of our lives. Now is the time that we must fight our demons and win for they are only feelings and those we can change! 

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