Dealing With Our Anger

What happens when we are unable to confront our anger with others? Where does it go and what kind of damage does it do to us? Anger that is unresolved that we do not confront goes back inside of us and creates all sorts of problems, the biggest being stress. When we ”swallow” our anger for it has no place else to go except back onto us in the form of insecurities, doubts, and indecision. The anger turns on us with a vengeance and we then become unsure of why we are feeling and doing certain negative things in life. We lose our abilities to make good sound judgments that will enhance our lives rather than to detract from them.

Anger unresolved actually can distance us from others because we are holding on to such anger that we become afraid of a confrontation where our true feelings will come out. We must understand that by holding back we are stopping ourselves from securing our positive identities and only creating low self-esteem. If we believe that our feelings matter then we have no real choice except to confront these negative feelings and allow ourselves to overcome our fears that we do not matter. We must matter to ourselves first before we allow others to determine our self-worth!

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