If everything in life that happens to us is to be seen as a lesson,

why do we spend so much time trying to figure out whether we are right or wrong about it?
How many times have we “beaten ourselves up” over something that we chose to do and it was the wrong choice? We need to see this as a battle with our ego that tells us we need to be right. Right about everything.
Our ego cannot tolerate the feeling of being wrong because of it needing to be “stroked” all the time. Not good enough, less than others, stupid, there are so many statements our ego makes about us that just aren’t true. But we believe it because we continue to give it power.
It is time to take the power away from it by seeing ourselves separate from this huge ego that our personality has created. Who cares whether we are right or wrong about something. We are here to learn about who we are, not judge and condemn ourselves.
We must understand that making wrong choices make wrong choices ARE necessary if we are to ever let go of our ego needs.This is the hard work we must do in our lifetime, to let go of how we want the world to see us and to learn to be satisfied with who we are.
Yes, we can always do better, but better has to come from our own standard not from what we believe others want from us.

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