How sad it is that we do not take care of ourselves better! We want to be healthy and find happiness but there is always something that gets in the way: US.
We are “want to want to” people who are always telling ourselves that we will do better, tomorrow! What happened to today? Do we ever really get it? Do we understand that as long as we live in tomorrow we never get healthy?
We can be ”dreamers” always looking at what we are going to do but there is something that is missing from us that does not allow us to follow through with anything. What has happened to our life?
You see when we are like this, we really do not like ourselves enough to take the time to really commit to life. We can put everyone else before us or be so selfish that we won’t help anyone let alone ourselves. We just have no real belief in our own ability to commit to our life.
Okay, so it is time to see how much evil has gotten into our mind that prevents us from being in charge of our life. Evil loves to get inside of us and destroy any chance of happiness that we have. Evil loves when we are miserable and we can give it credit for that. It fills us with doubts and indecisions. Without an awareness of this, we are lost to it. We must overcome and fight this ‘evil” or we will suffer unnecessarily. Evil does win when we are vulnerable and open to it entering us and it wins when we let it. Where is our fight today!

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