Forgiving Another

We all must remember that when we forgive someone else for their acts of unkindness towards us, we do not have to be around them. We do not want to harbor ill-will towards anyone for we are the ones who suffer from doing this. Sometimes the other person doesn’t even know that we are upset with them. But this anger that we have towards another person, can create a negative place in our minds which will not want to leave us.

We will continue to use our “unforgiveness” as a way of continuing our anger. It eats away at our abilities to see our own lives clearly for the negativity that we are holding on to will turn on us eventually. It will cause insecurities, doubts, and indecisions for it has no outlet except to act against us for it cannot stay inside of us indefinitely without causing us pain.

Forgive someone else that has hurt us, is not for them really but for us so we may be free of holding on to negative feelings!

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