Are we truly kind to others or is there some motive involved in everything that we do? Are we telling ourselves that we can be “selfless” when it comes to giving yet in the back of our minds there is a need to be validated for what we gave?
We need to be very honest with ourselves about this for how often have we given only to receive nothing in return. Often we hold it in, telling ourselves that it is fine we do not need even a “thank you” but is that really the case?
We give because it is the right thing to do in the moment. It needs to come from our heart, this type of giving, without the thought of what we get in return for what we did.
It is the hardest type of giving, yet it is the best type. Whenever we involve our mind in the outcome, we can get very lost in ourselves, not the act that we did but what the outcome will look like. This is when our giving is not true but has a condition attached to it.
Let’s try and give once today without looking for the reward. It always feels good to be thanked for what we have done for someone, but that is not the goal. If we expect that this will happen did we really give without asking for something in return? Was it really giving? Can we answer this question honestly?

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