Sometimes it just hits us that we are so alone in the world even if we are surrounded by people who love us.

Are we isolated from all the people that we love? Have we always felt this way but have hidden our despair from those we think know us?

We have been hiding behind an image that we created and now we cannot tolerate it. Is this really who we are? How did we create a persona that we do not even like? We cannot live in our reality because it is not a pleasant place, it is where our secrets are. As children, we began to create a person who could easily become fake to the world as a way of survival. “I am happy; I am funny; I am serious; I am generous; I care more about how you are then I do about myself.”
On and on we could go with the false images of our self when behind this is the lonely child/person. We have looked to all sorts of addictions i.e. alcohol, drugs, sex, work, love, food, name it we can try and find some solace in it, but it does not stop the loneliness. It only intensifies it. Why have we been so afraid to see the true self in us? Do we hate who it is? Maybe we have always felt we had to be validated by everyone and by looking for it pleased or tried to please everyone but ourselves. How could we feel valuable if we were not being who we really were? How could we be valuable if we were authentic? We were too afraid to take that chance. When it comes down to it, our loneliness is the product of never being ourselves; never voicing our real opinions and swallowing our Self and becoming passive to the world around us. When do we take my stand and become authentic? Now, it is now before we slip away into nothingness. our fear is coming from our manufactured self and we no longer can muster up the phoniness.

If we are alone then what difference does it make to have OUR voice heard! Well, we might not feel so lonely anymore. We will at least feel real in a world that we could not be ourselves in for fear of rejection. That time is over for if we do not make our voice known, we are no one, nothing!

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