Do we hide from the truth about ourselves? Are we people who want to believe something positive about ourselves but do not really strive to make it happen?
Do we exaggerate things that happen to us so others will ”feel” our pain just so we do not have to deal with what really is going on in our lives?
Do we feel stuck in the same place, repeating the same situation over and over again without any real resolution to our problems? How tired are we of ourselves?
We all go through this phase of life at some point. There are no real perfectionists in life who know how to always deal with issues in their life. But we can do better than to continually feel like we are spinning out of control and cannot stop it.
Let’s face it, we can “rush” our lives, not taking the time to figure things out. Why do we move so fast to try and reach our goals without taking each step that is needed for completion? SLOW DOWN!
When we realize that it is not that we are incapable of success but that we are always dreaming of success without actually doing the work behind it, our lives will change! 

Mindful Thinking

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