We believe that we desire to be good wanting the world to see us at our best all the time and we create an image that we become so addicted to. It is who we want to be. It hides so much of how we feel and who we really are. If only we could keep that image going all the time but there is something darker within us that we have so much trouble addressing and that is our hate! No one can see into our minds and how we really feel about things, no we are still with ”fake” smiles on our faces fooling the world while our minds are growing darker by the minute.

How dark do our feelings really get? As dark as we create them to be for when we keep our realities locked up inside as a way of living our lives, think then about how dark they can be. The hate comes from years of recording it in our heads and keeps track of it all, never really letting any of it go. It is our secret, no one will ever know except ourselves!

We must exorcise( rid ourselves) of this demon that possesses our identity and makes us fearful of being known. We will never be able to say how we feel if we are always hiding from our own truths. We must face ourselves and understand why the demon is there!

Mindful Thinking

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