When was the last time that we practiced kindness? What kind thoughts or actions surrounding kindness have we accomplished lately? What if there had been no attempt at being kind to others and we were just totally self-involved? No kindness! No caring about anyone else except ourselves!
Who are we without kindness? Think about what our life would be like if we could not feel kind towards others but only think of our own comforts? How selfish would we be? Remember we are here not to just think about ourselves but to think about others in this world that are less fortunate then we are. We are here to learn and to be kind to our fellow man for this is our life lesson. One thing we have learned ultimately is that we cannot hide from it. The truth is the one religion that we all share in common for God gave us all the ability to understand and tell the truth. We must not fool ourselves into believing that we know the truth when we lie to ourselves and the world constantly!

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