Looking for Counseling or “Life Coaching”?

For any of you who are in need of counseling or ”life coaching” I would be glad to make myself available to you.

For a small fee that we could work out together, I would be able to Skype with you for as many sessions as you would like in order to help you figure out a better understanding of any problems that you might be having.

Please contact me.

This symbol is T’ai from the IChing a form of ancient wisdom used to identify what we need to learn about ourselves through the formation of hexagrams( words of wisdom occurring in random events) that we create by throwing three pennies twice.
The first throw forms the bottom of the hexagram which is the male or Heaven symbol and the three top broken lines are the female or Earth. These placed together form T’ai which represents peace and balance. Together they are in perfect balance.
Larry D. Robinson