How do we hold on to the love we have for another person when we find behaviors in them that we cannot tolerate? How often do we want to run away from the relationship because of how fooled we have felt by the other person, they tricked us into thinking they were someone they were not. What is so important for us is to accept that this is a stage of development in a relationship. Every relationship will have this feeling from both people at some point.

No one is perfect and who we present ourselves as, in the beginning, is more of our potential about who we can be when there is only love in our eyes for each other. We can be so blinded by this feeling of love that we cannot see the whole person, just who they presented to us, our fantasy. There is so much more of each other that we have not discovered and only through time will all of who we are will be revealed to the other person.

Our challenge is to learn how to accept behaviors from the other person that we do not like, but still, hold on to the love that we have felt for the other person. We must realize it is the whole person that we must accept not just what we like or want to deal with!

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