Loving Another

Wanting to be wanted by someone isn’t really love for all it does is build our egos and when that has been accomplished, we do not necessarily want that other person. We do not take the time to know who that person is to make the decision that they are who we want for we are too concerned about whether they want us or not. We allow others to determine our worth.

Love is much more complex than just wanting to be wanted for as adults we need to learn how to love someone not keep thinking about how someone else values us. There are times that there just not enough people to continue to give us value when we cannot give it to ourselves. This is our goal to find our self-worth through how we see ourselves rather than rely on the world to give us something that we do not have enough belief in.

Loving someone else is the greatest gift we are given for our joy comes out of making someone else happy rather than to always focus on who makes us feel that way!


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