Making a Mistake

It is time for us to accept that there are very few mistakes in life, only choices that we make. It is so easy to say”I made a mistake’ as a form of explanation for our negative behaviors. What if we keep making the same mistakes over and over again? Are these really mistakes or do we actually know what we are doing, even if it is wrong? These are called choices and we must take responsibility for them.

If we hurt someone else by our actions, is this really a mistake or are we making a choice to follow what we want to do and don’t take into consideration the consequences of this behavior on others? A mistake might be forgetting to call someone back because we get too busy and did not fulfill our promise, but we can only use the excuse that we made a mistake one time for if it happens again we are making a choice. We must see that if we didn’t return the call a second time, it was not important enough for us to do it.

We need to hold ourselves responsible for this behavior rather than trying to use “I am sorry I made a mistake” once again!


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