We must listen to the messages that life provides for us or else we will miss a chance for growth. Our lives supply us with all the necessary tools that we need in order to emotionally grow but so often we are looking for the easiest ways to heal our lives from our past that we miss the truth. When we do not listen to the clues that life gives us, we often go down the wrong roads that are detours to us dealing with the truth about ourselves. It puts off what we need to see and fools us with the promise that this easy way is the right way.

We spend so much energy looking for a way out of the past, that we fail to realize that the work that we need to do is all about introspection into our lives rather than avoiding what it has done to us. We will continue to repeat the same cycle, even though it seems different until we own the truth about ourselves. This is the work we must do, to face our past and learn from what we didn’t do that created this pattern of repetitions.

Never despair for when we do discover what has gone wrong for us, we will start the process of healing but until we do this, the cycle continues!

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