“Mirror Mirror Reflections of Self/365 day Life Journal” is a book/journal for all to enjoy.

It is the type of book that you can start to follow the first day of January, pick it up and turn to any page, or pick a special date and it will always give you want you need to hear. Sometimes it can feel as if it reads your mind before you reach for it. There are three hundred and sixty-five posts each containing a message about life for you to digest. Even if you think it doesn’t pertain to you, you will be surprised when you finish reading the post for the day, you will relate to what it is telling you. It has this funny way of just ”being there” for you, even if you don’t want it to!

If you get into the habit of writing in the journal part and answer the question that each post has at the end, it will actually become natural after a while to jot down your answers. Go back after a while and pick one to read to refresh your mind. It will give you something to rethink and you will see that you needed to rethink it. If you are in a new relationship, do a couple of these a week to stimulate deeper conversations between the two of you; it becomes a less threatening way of getting to know each other. If you are in a relationship use it to build a stronger one and to learn how to talk more deeply with one another. there are just so many ways that the two of you can us the book. Be creative! remember this is a help yourself book, not a self-help one.
The most important thing about “Mirror Mirror” is that you use it as a guide to understanding yourself better. I know that each time I read one of the posts I can see a different aspect of who i am. Sometimes, I would rather not but that is specifically why the book is there: to challenge all of us to face ourselves!
Here is the first professional review of MIrror Mirror!
In a conversational, no-nonsense manner, Robinson explores everyday feelings and
behaviors to increase self-awareness and emotional maturity.
Larry Robinson brings tough love and an experience-based understanding of the frailties
and foibles of human nature to Mirror, Mirror: Reflections of Self. Faithful use of this guide to
emotional growth can, he says, lead to “a definitive change in the way you see yourself, your life, and the lives of others.” Robinson is a psychotherapist and life counselor with more than thirty-five years of experience counseling couples and individuals of all ages in the Greater Boston area. He holds a Master of Education in Counseling degree from Boston University and is a Clinically Certified Forensic Counselor as well as a Certified Divorce Mediator. Robinson is also the founder of Mindful Thinking, a coaching and therapeutic practice focused on change and living in the present moment. Mirror, Mirror brings his experience to bear on common issues of self-esteem, emotional growth, relationships, stress and anxiety, vulnerability, forgiveness, and many more. Writing in a conversational, no-nonsense manner, Robinson explores everyday feelings and behaviors and the beliefs that underlie them in daily readings designed to increase selfawareness and emotional maturity. Each reading is accompanied by an assignment or a question, and blank journal pages are provided for making notes and recording reflections. Short chapters make it easy to fit this journey of self-discovery into a busy schedule, and the inclusion of illustrations, poems, and comments by ordinary people adds a personal touch to the study. The book’s front cover design is attractive and expressively illustrates its topic. . The introduction’s concise description of the five “Stages of Change” aids in navigating the path to self-awareness from denial to acceptance.
Robinson’s examination of each topic is multifaceted, and his pointed questions leave
little room for excuses. Recognizing that change is not easy, but takes time, persistence, and
courage, Robinson offers strong and steady guidance for breaking down the barriers to change,
and encouragement to defy the voices of the past. Above all, he advocates honesty tempered
with compassion in answering the question, “What do you see when you look in the mirror?”
Kristine Morris Clarion R
Link to book http://www.mirrormirrorreflectionsofself.com/