Need to be Right

It is better to say nothing than to say something that we know will injure someone else because we need to be right. This is our issue about right and wrong and many times we can ruin our relationships by always having to be right. The wise person knows when to say something and when to remain silent for being right can often lead to inflicting pain on another. We say things that can be extremely hurtful if our opinion is not taken the way we need it to be. This is when we are ruthless in our attacks against people that we care about. At that time we care more about being right than the other person.

Being right only lasts for a moment, but pushing our beliefs onto someone else regardless of how much we hurt them in order for us to be right, that pain can last a lifetime because we cannot take back our negative, harmful words. They were said and they stay there no matter how much we can say “I’m sorry.”

We need to think very carefully about what we say and how we say it!

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