Negative Thinking

Do we ever think about how many times during our day that we are in negative thinking? There can be just flashes in our mind of it or sometimes even “normal” conversation with our negative self that is trying to get into our head.
How often do we put ourselves down during the day almost as a matter of habit? What do we think that this does to our sense of self? Some days we never seem to begin again in the positive light. We just repeat the negative until it has taken over so strongly, it is going to take us a “meltdown” of our emotions to find our way back to that light again. The pain is that great when we are in this mindset, for we can prolong the meltdown for a while but it just adds more and more pain as long as we keep avoiding it.
Perhaps we need to see the meltdown as a clue to what is going on with us. Yes, it takes a lot of strength to look at our own behavior when that meltdown starts to take hold, but we can begin to catch it and if we can be strong enough to face it as a clue to something deeper going on inside of us.
Remember all behavior is changeable.We just need to understand what patience is and to label ourselves impatient more often. This helps us to stop the patterns that we have made from continuing because we now have a term to use on ourselves: impatient. This is a huge component of negative thinking!

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