Each one of us has the ability to be strong, but our strength will depend on how we see life. If we see it from a negative view then we only are continuing to fight an uphill battle, seen as a struggle that goes nowhere. We will constantly be starting over again looking for the ”right” answer, yet never finding one. Our negativity will devour our happiness and leave us empty and afraid. Why would any of us ever choose to live our life that way, knowing that it does not work?  All it does is add more pain, that constant search going nowhere.

The only right way for us to see life is in the moment when it is happening. We have everything we need inside of us, that will allow us to see life as half full. Half full has so much positive life energies attached to it. We are able to see life as a challenge, not as a struggle. Half empty shows us over and over again how it does not work. Holding on to it is a useless exercise in futility. When will we learn this!


How many more times must we repeat this pattern of pain before we see there is a choice? There always was a choice for us. When we understand this we can begin to see it might take us a long time to remove the old mechanism of our dealing with life and replace it with a different view. We all to want to hurry through this process but we must know that change is a process and not an event. There are no shortcuts to real change but many dead ends and longer ways to travel. Once we can truly accept this, then it begins to take away a little piece of our negative thinking.  We do get there as long as we make a commitment to ourselves and not turn to our negative self!

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