New Year Resolutions

This year there will be New Year’s resolutions in our lives. We need them to present a guide to us for how we are to grow emotionally in the year 2018. If we commit ourselves to following resolutions then we can begin the work. Hard work when we are usually people who can start something, become very excited about it and gradually watch the excitement of it fade away and we are once again without much joy in life. How many of us have experienced this when it comes to trying to ”find” ourselves?

Letting ourselves use resolutions as a guide means that we can check in on ourselves to see if we are actually working on them. There is no time limit to these resolutions except to keep working on them until they are part of how we operate in life.

Use these worlds as guides to help find the resolutions that are in need of work; judgmental, empathetic, selfish, vanity, compassion, generous., controlling, truthful, awareness, there are so many words that have deeper meanings to us in our lives that need our attention.

“I will watch my judgmental self and how it needs to feel better than others!”

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