Not Good Enough

“Not good enough”; This is what so many of us believe about ourselves. Those of us that think this way are the perfectionists in life who are never satisfied with what they do or have accomplished. The self-criticism that is involved with not feeling good enough can go on for a lifetime unless we see that this is our issue and it has been there since childhood. We usually do not create new issues at age thirty but we carry our childhood issues into our adulthood.

Trying to receive approval from our elders is the goal that we set for ourselves when we are very young. But there seems to be something missing for us and we do not believe we get enough of the positive feedback that we so want from our parents that we try harder and harder to find their approval. For us, especially as children, we often do not know how to read our parents signs of approval but once we do get it we believe that we have to continually impress them in order to feel good. We bring this issue to all the people in our lives and it can make us feel as if no one sees our value.

We must remember that until we value ourselves there is not enough value given to us by the world that will please us. We must be the ones who give ourselves value because we believe in ourselves and it does not matter what the world does or doesn’t think about us. We shape our own lives and they should not depend on the approval of others!

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