Pleasing Others

Where do most of our insecurities about who we are come from? How do we end up feeling so critical and judgmental of ourselves? When our main goal in life is to please others, we will never be able to really face our true selves. We are so afraid to disappoint those around us, that we will give responses that are meant to please others rather than say how we really feel. This is our downfall in life for we do not believe that we are good enough to have our own “voice” in the world but only one that fits into others’ belief systems.

We are the only ones who can actually give our feelings life, but even when we are asked by others how we really feel, we will still try and meet their needs. How others see us is more important to us than our true feelings. The problem is when we do not speak up and say how we really feel we isolate ourselves from others hiding our true selves to present a self that will receive praise for agreeing with others.

We must force ourselves to speak our truths or else we will never feel very worthy inside of us. We actually will see ourselves as fake and this will continue to make us feel worse about ourselves. The cost of pleasing others is to have no real self available!

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