Power of Prayer

We now are all living in a world of bitterness, discontent, violence, and turmoil and it is leaving us empty of any truths about the goodness of people

that we once believed in. It does not matter where we are from, just look around and see how empty and painful life has become. We have lost something so precious, so intimate, we have lost the power of our faith. It does not matter who we pray to, it matters that the one thing that we in this world have in common is our abilities to believe in something greater than ourselves. We must not abandon our hopes that we can overcome anything when we have the power of our faiths.ar

Imagine what it would be like to have us all pray together; see how much power this brings to our worlds. We as people of this world need to find that common thread that binds us together as ONE PEOPLE who all are striving for clarity, honesty, and truth!

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