Soul Work

The further we go away from our Soul work of experiencing love, empathy, understanding and compassion and what the true meaning of giving is

the darker life becomes until the darkness is our “normal.” When this happens we become stuck for such long periods of time, precious time, that we cannot waste for life has begun to move so fast. What seemed like we were waiting for already has happened which does make ”time fly.”
Time is not waiting for us! Every moment is precious for our life. Think how much time that we waste on our ego!
No matter how hard it is we must continue to work on ourselves, the obstacles that we face are meant to be there for our journey. These are the darker times, the times of contemplation, not the time to judge or condemn our life.
This is the time that we learn to sit with our pain, understand it more and to let ourselves self-start the process of letting go of it. We must not rush this process for we must rid ourselves of the current pain we are going through and to
 understand that we must be in this place and move through our pain to emotionally grow!

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