Stand Up

It is so easy for us to give up on ourselves and just accept failure as normal in our lives. Too often we are seduced into believing that we are less than others and we accept that position without a struggle to get out of it. We must stand up and see that we are not ”less than” but different than how others view us. We need to learn how to believe in ourselves rather than succumb to a position that leaves us feeling inferior.

We must never let anyone make us feel that we are not good enough and we must never accept that title as who we are. It is too easy to take on a label and not do anything to change it.If that is the case then perhaps we deserve the title for we are not willing to fight back and feel our own strength rather than to rely on others to identify us. If we cannot stand up for ourselves why should we believe that the world will see us as strong but rather than people who have given up on themselves?

Fighting to maintain a good sense of self is what we must do when we are challenged by others who see us as inferior! We must say” bring on that challenge for I am ready for it!”

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