Standing Tall

Why do we care so much about what others’ think about us even if we do not even know or like them? What is it that drives us to want to please everyone else and try to

meet their needs rather than be who we are intended to be?  Our sense of self can easily be determined by a world that we do not even relate to yet we remain prisoners and allow it to dictate how we are to feel. When do we stand up for ourselves and begin to follow our own beliefs rather than become ‘sheep’ that follow after the wolves?

Having pride in our sense of selves is what we need to concentrate on rather than to be so concerned that we will be rejected for our beliefs. If we never take the chance to truly express ourselves than who will ever know the real people behind our masks of compliance? It takes courage and fortitude to stand ”tall” and let the world know what we believe in yet when we try an please the world we disappear into the air as nobodies! We must rid ourselves of all the fears that we will not be accepted for who we are, for if this is the case we are lost anyway!

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