Standing Up

Why do we make our decisions according to how the world will react to us? When will we have the courage to go against the odds of society and voice our true opinions on things that we really believe in? For so much of our lives, we have been a slave to how others see things. In fact, so many times we didn’t even understand what the point was that someone was trying to make, but WE AGREED!
We agreed out of fear of not being accepted; we agreed out of wanting to be liked, we agreed because we felt stupid and needed to feel as if we were part of something. Part of what?
To be part of something that we knew nothing about or didn’t agree with, we became part of nothing. It was not us. When we have the courage to stand up for our convictions when we bother to understand the point being made, then we can access our true beliefs.
Betraying who we are in order to belong to a group that we do not believe in is the biggest betrayal of ourselves that we can do! When we decide that being weak feels worse than being ourselves, then our decisions, our opinions count, at least to us and that is what matters most! 

Mindful Thinking



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