Starting Our Day

 A  little reminder for every morning rather than to open our eyes with the dreadful feeling of not wanting to get up, we need to resist the temptation to not want to start our day. We need to find one thing that we feel grateful for each morning. just one to start us off. We have no idea how powerful this is until we make this our habit. Starting our day off with negativity can carry us through the entire day for it makes it much harder to find the good.

We must not think of this as foolish for until we get into the habit of starting the day with gratitude for we will only further our own negativity throughout the rest of the day. It is so easy to rush into the negativity with all the things we must accomplish. It is so easy to forget being grateful that we have this day to achieve so much.  How do we turn something that starts us off with negativity with being positive? Having a positive feeling to start off with is definitely a mindset that we need to follow!

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