Staying Genuine

Are we fake people wanting everyone to like us so we are only concerned with meeting others needs rather than being authentic about how we feel? We play people so much in wanting them to like us that we sacrifice who we are until even we can confuse ourselves with the real selves that we hide. Haven’t we been through periods of our lives when we just faked our way into situations or with people to find out that we didn’t want these people after all?

How much strength does it take for us to be real in a world that does not want genuine but only fake to fit others needs? It not only takes strength but the extreme courage to go against others with the truth when it has been hidden. Sometimes we have to stand alone with what the truth is and we must persevere no matter how painful it may be because we cannot hide from it. If we do try and hide, our karma is intensified and we will receive a payback for not being real. Stay genuine no matter what the cost!

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