Staying in the Present

It is so difficult to stay in the present for our minds don’t like the fact that we are the most comfortable living in the moment of our lives. It is so easy to run back to the past with all its bad choices and beat ourselves up for being who we were then as if we were married to the past that we know so well. All the negative noises in our heads sound off all at once about all the doubts and indecisions that we experienced that held us back and we freeze ourselves into being paralyzed.

At times we run to our future or what we have fantasized as our future and create so much fear and doubt about something that hasn’t happened yet that we actually start to live in the fear of what we do not know yet. The only place where we can find some peace of mind is to stay in the present for there is no pain there, no fears, no indecision.This is the hardest place for us to be but the rewards are endless for this is where we are most at ease and most productive!

Mindful Thinking



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