Swallowing Anger

What happens when we ”swallow” our anger and pretend that it does not exist in certain situations? It seems as if we find it easier to “eat” our anger rather than deal with it. Too often we make the decision that we do not have to confront it, it will pass, but we really are not aware of the consequences of not dealing with it. When we do not face our anger it turns itself on us and creates a sense of low self-esteem for it has no place to go except back onto us creating doubts and indecisions.

Whenever we find ourselves doubting our decisions and feeling insecure about how we are approaching life, we need to check out whether we are angry at something or someone and are not dealing with it. So often we do not pay attention to these feelings for we do not want to deal with confronting situations. We then become conflict avoiders, but the side effects of this unresolved anger can be devastating to our self-esteem. We feel weak and less than others for we are in hiding about how we really feel. This does so much damage to how we see ourselves and creates a feeling of being unimportant and unseen by the world.

We must take the chance to confront our feelings for if we do not, we walk away from situations that we need to face. It is much harder to erase the low self-esteem once we go into hiding and the only consequences that we face are never feeling good enough about ourselves. This is such a high price to pay for avoiding conflicts!

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