Tell the Truth

Why do we become attracted to lying, even if it is the smallest of lies? Some of us automatically lie even when we do not need to. There is something in our psychology that allows us to say something that we know isn’t the truth but we say it anyway. How many times do we either directly lie or exaggerate the truth? We seem to be comfortable doing this because we feel that no great harm is being done and it is easier than hurting someone by telling them the truth about how we feel. How wrong are we!

Even the smallest of a lie or exaggeration can produce a negative energy inside of us, most of the time we are unaware of it; it just comes automatically. We are not meaning to hurt anyone so we believe that by lying about how we feel we will avoid confrontation which for so many of us is extremely distasteful.  How many of these “lies’ do we have to tell before we can actually feel that we are off track in our lives? Most of the time we are unaware that these indiscretions that we commit are affecting how we feel about ourselves at a deeper level, one that we cannot see but can feel the effects of.

We create negative energy when we do not even know that it is happening but what it brings with it are doubts and indecisions and an image that is false. We must learn that it is good energy that we create when we are honest with ourselves and others. We must not be afraid of confrontations for if we hold back we actually hurt the person that we are hiding our feelings from for they believe that we are sincere only later at some point find out that they were fooled by us. but the biggest victim of our lies our ourselves for we lose our credibility, especially to ourselves!

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