The Negative Side

We must accept that there is no way to rid ourselves of our negative side. It is a permanent part of who we are. The idea is for us to be in control of it rather then it control us.
If we begin to look at the negative side as a place where we are in the moment, we can overcome the feeling of being stuck and see that we needed to be where we were in order to begin to see something different, perhaps we will find the truth from this negative side.
It is our journey in life to overcome the dark side of ourselves with an understanding of how it got there and obtain a definite command over it so it will not rule our emotions so frequently. Knowing the negative side is extremely difficult because we must be able to step back from our present moment to actually feel it.
It is so easy to get caught on this side and forget that it truly is only a moment in our life, that we have choices to make that will either continue our pain or alleviate it. The negative side is there to play games with us, to show us what is not right but it is not there to win!

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