True friendship

We must remember that true friendship is the most important aspect of a relationship that we can have. So often we search for true love but it has so many downfalls to it that we cannot always count on it. Are we really loving someone when we are angry at them or do we forget this and suddenly we can think of them as our enemies? If we do not put true friendship before true love, then we have no one to turn to when we are hurting. True friendship in a relationship will always be there while true love at times seems to have conditions attached to it.

When our lovers become our best friends, that is when we know that we will be with each other forever. True friendship is unconditional while true love can have so many conflicts with it that we often get lost from each other. We want our friend to be there when we are having problems with our lover. We need to be able to turn to our friend who knows who we are. As time goes on, we must see that the friendship is what we have been looking for because it is our best friend that we can count on to always be there!

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