Why can’t I say “I’m Sorry”

Why can't I say "I'm Sorry"We know that we have hurt some one and that they are suffering from our distance and righteous attitude yet we cannot tell them we were wrong. Why can’t we say these two simple words?: “I’m sorry”. 

May be they aren’t really that simple.  No one is perfect and no one is always wrong. These are two given facts of life. We are not better or less than anyone, we only can claim to be different. I am different than you and you are from me. Different does not mean that I am thinking I am the Dali Lama and you are a street urchin. It means I see things different then you do. Sometimes we can hurt each other in arguments and say ugly things to each other yet we defend ourselves on why we said it, not saying, “I’m sorry”. There is always going to be some excuse not to say it. Do you think that at the time we are saying something to hurt someone else that we actually are telling the truth and it does hurt? It is better to walk away from such an argument and think about what we have just said. We will find that it is a mixture of some truth and anger at the time. It is the anger that creates the need to get back at someone else for it hides the real feeling of being not good enough in someone’s’ eyes. This rejection is cause for retaliation and  can we do some damage when our egos are bruised.

Remember when we had to say we were sorry to our parents when we didn’t do anything wrong! How many times did you ever here them say that they were sorry for something that they did to hurt u?. We probably got some lecture as their way of not taking responsibility for themselves or maybe they never ever said it. Did we learn this from them? Adults to not have to say I’m sorry to children or in fact even to their peers. How sad that we will continue this mode with our own children or even worse we will say I’m sorry to them even if they screwed up for fear of becoming our parents. Look, what’s right is right. We do not have to be a “perfect person” who never does things that hurt others. We just need to be human and know that saying I’m sorry for what we have done makes us a better person, partner, parent or child.  Who do we need to say we’re sorry to before it is too late?  Saying “I’m sorry” is all about giving to someone who has been hurt by you. What a better way for healing to begin!

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  1. What if a person tells u that they ate sorry and next day say the same thing they are sorry about how do u trust that they really mean it

  2. I tell my kids all the time not to say they are sorry unless they really understand why they are sorry. I think the same goes for adults. Stop and think about it before you blurt out Sorry. Otherwise we are destined to repeat our actions.

  3. Sorry is just a word. We can say sorry all we want over and over again. Truth is saying sorry can get old especially if we keep hurting and doing someone wrong but sooner or later it is in one ear and out the other and then the ones we love and have hurt seem to look right through us and can tell we do not truly mean we are sorry and we are then looked at as a liar!! So if saying sorry does not cut it anymore what are we to do? I feel like most of you do that it is best to say we are sorry through are actions we must take action and responsibilty for our life and the mistakes we have made. So often people do not want to look at there role or there part in things. We must take an honest inventory of our own shortcomings and make an effort to clean our side of the street, and yes also do this when we have not done anything wrong. Saying sorry is not easy especially when you know that deep down you were wrong so often our pride and ego get in the way of saying sorry. Lets try to let go of our pride and ego and forgive others even when they do not deserve it, and say sorry not just by our words but by our actions.

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